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    The Complicated Fantasy Of The Possessive Romance

    Alexander Skarsgård and Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies Hilary Bronwyn Gayle / HBO Does it even need to be said that Christian Grey would be a terrible boyfriend IRL? The title object of lust of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise would be the kind of man who’d prompt your friends to stage interventions, […]

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    12 Slightly Weird Things All Cat Owners Have Definitely Done

    Just casually watching your pet lick their own asshole in your personal space. Trying to hold hands with your cat even though they never really like it. You just can't resist their soft paddy paws. Flo Perry / BuzzFeed Regularly stepping on cat litter while trying to go to the loo in the middle of […]

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    If This Fan Theory About "This Is Us" Is True Then It's Time To Get The Tissues

    Rebecca, DON’T GO. If you’ve been keeping up with This Is Us, then you know not all is well on Pearson island. NBC Mainly because of this music man (Ben) right here: NBC He and his ragtag troop have offered to sweep Rebecca away on some whirlwind Jazz tour…OK. NBC Which has led several people […]

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    This Adorable Three-Legged Lamb Loves Sweaters And Will Steal Your Heart

    Then she’ll steal your man. ? This is Regina, a three-legged lamb and aspiring contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Regina lives at Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit devoted to ending cruelty to animals. They took Regina in after she broke her leg and needed to have it amputated, and then helped nurse her back to […]

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    What It’s Like To Play The White House Press Secretary On TV

    Marcus Walker (Cornelius Smith Jr.) in Scandal. Eric Mccandless / ABC It didn’t take long for Marcus Walker to rise up the ranks on Scandal. From his role as a community organizer in Season 4 to an Olivia Pope & Associates employee in Season 5, the character has solidified his place on the show as […]

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    17 Happy Floofernuggets Who Just Want To Give You Cuddles

    Who’s a good dog? You ALL are! This grinning fluffer-muffin: maxwell_the_sheepad / Via This smiley floof-floof: cutecorgis / Via This snuggly flup-flup-bun-buns: taco_thedog / Via This cheeky fluffy-floofy-fluff-face: erikapaigec CC / Via View Entire List › Source link

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    18 Of The Most Memorable NBA Dunk Contest Moments

    I believe I can fly! When Dr J almost ruined his afro on the backboard! The Good Dr! NBAGIF.TUMBLR.COM / Via When Spud proved that little guys can fly too! 5′7″! REDDIT.COM / Via When Spud helped Nate remind the world that little guys can fly! 5′9″! / Via When MJ […]

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    Everyone Is All "Damn, Cyrus" After Last Night's "Scandal"

    “Damn. Cyrus did that.” (WARNING: Spoilers for the Feb. 16 episode!) On Feb. 16, Scandal fans witnessed yet another eventful TGIT. (SPOILERS AHEAD!) ABC / Via But it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, considering the fates of certain characters. ABC View Entire List › Source link

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