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    Who Tells Their Story: How Broadway’s Diversity Conversation Leaves Out Asian-Americans

    he 2015-2016 Broadway season had the world thinking that theater had done what Hollywood couldn't — it was, so it seemed, truly inclusive. The unprecedented success of Hamilton underlined the marketability of color-conscious casting: Lin-Manuel Miranda deliberately wrote his musical about America's founding fathers to be performed by actors of color (with some notable exceptions). […]

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    The New Series About Police Brutality Everyone Will Be Talking About

    Sanaa Lathan as federal investigator Ashe Akino and Stephen James as federal prosecutor Preston Terry on Fox's Shots Fired. Fox / Via Fox picked up Shots Fired, a 10-episode event series examining racially charged shootings in a Southern town, in December 2015, well before the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Terence Crutcher, Keith […]

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    “American Honey” Has The Realest Female Sexuality

    Sasha Lane A24 To put it simply, the thing that sets the plot of the new movie American Honey into motion is a lady boner. Minutes into the film, its protagonist, Star (Sasha Lane), a magnetic young woman living in desperate poverty, sees Jake (Shia LaBeouf), a crusty, charismatic recruiter in an itinerant magazine-selling crew. […]

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    I'm Really Dying Over Kendall Jenner Hanging Out With This Sloth

    I’m jealous. In a video for Allure, Kendall Jenner got to hang out with this sloth. AND I’M JUST GONNA ADMIT THAT I’M REALLY JEALOUS OF THE SLOTH. Slash this situation in general. Because this seems like a great time. View Entire List › Source link

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    Here's The Cast Of The New Britney Spears Lifetime Biopic

    It’s Britney (and company), bitch. You may have heard by now that Britney Spears is getting her own Lifetime biopic, Britney. The Hollywood Reporter announced the project back in August. The two-hour TV movie will, according to the announcement, follow Spears' life as a young girl in Louisiana, her rise to fame, her famous breakup […]

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    21 Munchkin Cats Who Will Make You Gasp With Pure Happiness

    Cute things come in small packages. This wonderous creature you see is a Munchkin cat. albertbabycat / Via And yes, they are 100% real and not imaginary. pooh0403 / Via It’s as though you dreamt of the cutest thing in the world, and then woke up to discover your dream CAME TRUE. bilbothemunchkin […]

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    Serena Williams Says She Won't Be Silent About Police Killings Of Black Men

    Andrew Kelly / Reuters Serena Williams posted a powerful note on her Facebook page on Tuesday night, stating she will not remain silent about police killings of black men. Williams posted the note after taking a drive with her 18-year-old nephew. In the post, she said she spotted a police officer on the side of […]

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