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    The Underappreciated Movie Moments You Probably Missed This Month

    Including one that inspired Beyoncé, a stealth Wes Anderson release, and a super-stylized story of a witch in search of love. The scene (and movie) that influenced Lemonade Let's take a moment to thank Beyoncé. It's always a good idea in general, but for this instance especially. Daughters of the Dust, a restoration of Julie […]

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    Here's Our First Look At "The Handmaid's Tale" TV Series

    The 10-episode series premieres on Hulu in April. The work of fiction was turned into a film in 1990… Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Productions / Via Elisabeth Moss stars as the main character. Hulu View Entire List › Source link

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    Idk, Just Some Cute Animals I Saw Online

    They made me smile. Hopefully you’ll smile, too. Ok, first look at how shocked this pup is that his friend is using him as a pillow. SHOCKED! This Year’s Love / Via Flickr: hand-nor-glove Now gaze upon this cat’s precious lil eyes. Theophilos Papadopoulos / Via Flickr: theo_reth And this cat absolutely FREAKING OUT in […]

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    19 Cats And Dogs Who Will Never Part With Their Favorite Toy

    “Mine.” This doggo who wants to hug his tiny doppelgänger forever. madehelstad / Via This excited doggo who gets excited just seeing his favorite toy. invaderjak / Via This enthusiastic lady, who wants to get as close as possible to her toy. Marcthebronc / Via This doe-eyed guy, who doesn’t need to […]

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    LGBT Couples Welcome On "Fixer Upper," HGTV Says

    Fixer Upper hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines. HGTV An HGTV spokesperson said the network doesn’t discriminate against the LGBT community after a BuzzFeed News report on Fixer Upper hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines' pastor, who has been vocal against same-sex marriage and in favor of converting LGBT people into being straight. HGTV and a Gaines […]

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    This Pig Had A Maternity Photo Shoot And It Was Amazing

    Pretty in pink. A new pig mommy named Sophie proved she is the ultimate diva by posing for a simply perfect maternity photo shoot. Jessica Cvelbar Sophie currently lives at the Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary. The facility “rehabs and re-homes animals that are victims of abuse, neglect, or abandonment,” a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. […]

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    This College Student’s Dog Still Waits For Her To Get Off The Bus Every Day

    MY HEART. When Carly Dunn left for college this year, she had to say goodbye to someone she loves very much: her dog, Bo. The 18-year-old, who's from Duluth, Georgia, and is now a freshman at Georgia State University, said it was “so sad” — particularly because Bo has never been great with goodbyes. “Every […]

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    Spanish Authorities Detain 34 In Tennis Match-Fixing Sting

    Marc Debnam / Getty Images Six tennis players, one former player, and 27 of their associates have been detained by Spanish authorities and accused of being a part of a match-fixing ring. Spanish police said that the group made more than half a million euros in profit by fixing 17 matches at the Challenger and […]

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